Holy Wayne and Tisha b’Av

Originally posted on This Is Torah:

Three years after The Rapture (or, for non-believers, the Sudden Departure) wherein 10% of theleftovers world’s population disappears, Holy Wayne, nee Gilchrest, discovers his ability to take people’s pain from them, to absorb it into himself. In this subplot of the current TV series and 2011 book “The Leftovers,” Holy Wayne declares: “I’m a sponge for pain. I just soak it up and it makes me stronger.” (page 68) With so many feeling confused, distressed, and just plain sad about their missing friends and family, you can imagine how popular Holy Wayne quickly becomes, with his super hugs that transfer the knot of emotional distress from the core of the sufferer into the core of the holy hugger.

While so many of the leftover 90% are asking whether the disappearance of the 10% was divine reward or punishment, seeking answers to the question of “why,” Holy Wayne focuses on a…

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